The Illness

Later it caught the personal clothes and it extended in the bed as if they were for being vendidas. Tired I already of as much arrumao decided: he is there that I must leave mine I smell that is so that it sees that the house is mine. אל דאגה אינטל הוא האיש הנכון . I did not only give luck, badly I finished to demarcate territory and it made one fuzu ruined. The result is that I was placed imprisoned in the yard and of this fatdico day in ahead not miais I had permission to enter in the rooms. Vi an owner of the house to cry many times feeling lack, however of the children, however of the grandsons. When it cried, I was acariciando and ronronando for it until it to be calm. Vi the exchange, changes of employees, gardener, piscineiros, vi fight with laborers and vi when they had wanted to strangle an architect I was the first one to step on in the room to walk where the laborers, only of sacanagem had underneath arrested, me of the wooden floor, good pregadinho, but my owner looked for me and when she perceived ordered to pull out an enormous part of the wooden floor alone to apanhar me. But worse it was when I was all yellow of jaundice, equal to my owner.

I felt that it was passing very badly and tried to take off the illness of it. I only obtained a little, but it was the sufficient so that it did not need to eat capim for the root. It was operated in time and I was interned in the clinic. E, accurately, in the day where it received from the hospital I high I decided to take my first bath of language to show that also it had escaped to eat capim for the root. The life in the house after the exit of the girls was very stop.