Test 6 SD And HD Camcorder: HD Pays Off For 200 Euro?

Some keyword cheap camcorder in the VIDEO active of DIGITAL test much of his charisma loses, if you look at the cold figures behind it. For example high definition"(HD), high resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels are available for full-HD, 1280 x 720 pixels for a second-class HD of kind of. This category includes mostly the special HD camcorder, which are offered at prices below 200 euro and thus just as cheap as non-HD cams. Yet they are clearly superior most camcorders in default with its 1280 x 720 pixels in terms of resolution definition (SD), which mobilize straight times 720 x 576 pixels. Some of them settle for 8 with 640 x 480 pixels even with fewer pixels, about the Sanyo CA.

Pixels, dots here: It is important, what pops out at image quality while. And she can be quite different, as shown in VIDEO active in the current output in the test by two SD-cams and four HD camcorders. HD is under 200 euros to definitely enjoy with caution"says VIDEO active and recommends potential Buyers to take a close look. In image quality, only the Camileo Pro HD produced a touch of high definition, but only in the daylight. Less light the SD cam Panasonic showed S 9 with its better image quality, making HD resolution alone not happy." The six subjects and even the whole market, however, when the media agree: all new ideas and the camcorder in the test film on SD – / SDHC card or hard drive. The band has served out to 2009 all season! The manufacturer on the trade fair presented more not only DV camcorder CES in Las Vegas. And with the Canon HV 40 in HDV only a single tape camcorder in about 70 consumer models lost strong new impetus to the beginning of the season. An overview of all performances in the booklet and top news on 20916 delivers VIDEO active