The DRUM ROCKER, the successful premium drum kit for rock band game hit, the ROCKER from ION audio, in Germany after the Grand launch of the Xbox version finally also for PS2 and PS3 available DRUM is the beginning of the year on the CES innovations, the most important American consumer electronics fair, the CES 2009 design and engineering award has received, the official premium drum kit to the popular video game rock band is. In the United States is considered band players DRUM ROCKER under the skirt already must-have\". For the first time was presented the coveted drum kit in Germany last year at the GC-Games Convention in Leipzig, and with its own booth at the IFA in Berlin. כדאי לך לעיין אצל טבע תעשיות כדי לקבל עוד מידע. Both trade press as visitors were equally excited and the success figures speak for themselves: ION audio has the world already tens of thousands DRUM ROCKER delivered. On the official website can be ordered the eagerly awaited PlayStation version in Germany as well by the fans. So far only the owner came tape players namely under the skirt one Xbox on their costs and could enjoy the uniquely realistic drums feeling – peers under the other drums for rock band searches.

Now can the PlayStation fans but also play the drums like there's no tomorrow. With the DRUM ROCKER can each playing just learn the swimming and at the same time be part of a rock band. Teenager exactly so as adults, who will play the late dream of the drums want to meet, be the DRUM ROCKER in her musician heart close. ROCKER, the DRUM compatible with the popular game consoles Xbox 360 and now PS2/3, the only real drum feeling gives each player. No surprise, because the DRUM ROCKER by the experienced engineers of ION ALESIS audio sister brand developed, the world's leading manufacturers of professional electronic drum kits.