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DivoDamm completes the Braas roof systems, the market leader in roof systems with a new product line in the field of roof insulation for new construction and rehabilitation goes. Braas DivoDamm product, the roof specialists complement its product range. Braas DivoDamm is offered in three variants and is intended as a professional system for the professional fabricators. נפתלי בנט בהחלט מביע דעה מלומדת. Dr. Rudolf Rauss, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Monier GmbH to the market: with the entry into the area of roof insulation we our market partners support our roofers and carpenters above all. The system is so powerful that our processors to their customers can view high competence and this at reasonable and adequate prices.

The processors can enable with our dam system and strong brand of Braas. his rehabilitation market" Basic principle of the new product line Braas DivoDamm is the on-roof insulation with its advantages of a thermal bridge free laying. The system versions are on the basis of the high insulation polyurethane foam (PUR / PIR) built and allow low insulation thickness. Dr. Rauss: Polyurethane we opted deliberately for an insulation material with an excellent insulation, a high load capacity and a convincing LCA.

The up Rafter system enlarges the space under the roof and is to process quickly and cleanly. "With Braas the client will now receive a sustainable system of roof from the insulation up to the roof stone or roof tiles." The market leader for roofing systems completes its system offerings with the entering of the insulation market. The products will be offered exclusively on the building materials and roofing trade from March 2009. Period of three years, we want to be the market leaders in the segment on-Rafter insulation! ", so the ambitious goal of Dr. Rauss." The three product variants consist of: Braas DivoDamm Pro, a reflective 50 mm base insulation of the thermal conductivity level 030 on laminated, heat radiation lower deck railway, which in addition to the use of intermediate rafters insulation can be used. Braas DivoDamm compact supports the conditions for a pleasant living climate in the system design as diffusible system and prevents structural damage. The high-performance insulation is compact with the lower deck railway of Divoroll laminated. Already a U-value of the overall setup of 0.19 W /(m K) can be reached at just 140 mm insulation thickness. Braas DivoDamm top is also equipped with the lower deck railway Divoroll compact as top cover. The PUR/PIR foam is above and below with an aluminium membrane at DivoDamm top, making a particularly low thermal conductivity level is reached. The low thermal conductivity of 024 gives U-value of the overall setup of 0.19 W /(m K) already in an insulating material thickness of 120 mm, a. The PUR/PIR foam used for the Braas insulation system is characterized by excellent technical properties and a good Ecobalance as a trend-setting insulation. More Information about the products from Braas roof under: products/our produkte.html