Windows Applications

To determine the vast majority of memory errors, the following procedure: 1. Include all the likely problem applications. I often memorize all the applications running at the time of failure of memory. It is also important to note all the active devices. Of course, some devices are always operating, so they should not be taken into account. 2. Start suspicious attachments at a time, to check whether the crash will not happen again.

3. If you still have not found the culprit, go back to standard mode and try many combinations of applications. Perhaps, there will be some problem of interaction. לאחרונה מצאתי אצל רב שמואל אליהו אוזן קשבת . 4. Check the Application Event Log (Application Log) in Event Viewer (Event Viewer) for the presence of errors loading drivers or any conflicts of resources.

Windows xp attaches great importance to one who consumes memory and where. 5. Capture a set of applications function every time when a memory error. In the end, you will identify those applications that are always active in this situation. Try to get only this group of applications and determine whether the repeated failure. Continue to narrow the range of problematic applications while you will not have one or two. The desired output will not allow their joint operation. Such a verification process of elimination takes a long time, and yet, if its conduct is correct, will solve any problem. Unfortunately, due to the parallel operation of many processes in the Windows xp memory problems in practice very difficult to find. Interact with all applications and device drivers. You'll find that the most difficult to define the problem that arises in the work of three or four applications or drivers. Always worth the time and carefully check every likely area of concern. Of course, when you find a source to find a way to solve. You may have already experienced this: waiting on the phone at the time, as each developer refer you to someone else. In fact, for certain categories of memory problems is no easy solution, best solution to prevent their occurrence by setting a new application version or update existing equipment.