The Range Extends VITAdisplays Online To Bio Brochure Stand

The new online shop of VITAdisplays use Dorverden many contractors, wholesalers and retailers across Europe now on products of the German advertising manufacturer of VITAdisplays to present themselves professionally on the market. With a newly designed online store and biodegradable brochure stands, VITAdisplays wants to convince customers now also with high ecological standards. Modern, fresh, young, environmentally conscious and customer-oriented", so describes Eike Fahd, account manager at VITAdisplays, performance, and value orientation of the German advertising media manufacturer from Dorverden. This claim reflected also in the newly designed online store and the innovative product range, include recently also eco-friendly bio racks. VITAdisplays offers high-quality products in the field of advertising for many years. עוד מידע על אינטל ניתן למצוא באינטרנט. The product range include commercial preparers, brochure stands, brochure holders and displays, also trade show accessories and signs in all common formats.

With We support our customers tailor-made promotional materials, ideally at the point of sale to pick up consumers. לא תמיד קרן מיכאלי. "Because only here, an entrepreneur can really affect the purchasing decisions of consumers," explains Eike Fahd, account manager at VITAdisplays. The demands of customers have increased especially in terms of product quality and availability. The German manufacturer of advertising material therefore opts for delivery reliability and speed, as well as high quality for all products. In addition, VITAdisplays creates an efficient value added with individual special productions for its customers. With the new BIO brochure stand, a suitable solution offers VITAdisplays recently for environmentally responsible and sustainable direct marketing. BIO brochure stand consists of 100% bio-degradable materials.

Also, you need 65 percent less energy than at comparable brochure stands for the production. Also in the BIO series to meet the individual needs of the customers, the new can Displays in different versions or formats are supplied. "With our innovative brochure stands from the new" BIO-LINE "series, we could convince even customers with highest environmental standards", Florence Bapu is pleased from the Department of product development at VITAdisplays. We are of the opinion that on the subject of advertising materials ecologically and economically responsible behavior not mutually." In the future its product range will extend VITAdisplays advertising, which are developed and produced according to criteria of sustainability and of environmental protection.