The Joints

Just removed attics may take months, until a seeping water leaves traces. Thermal insulation has sucked himself so fully, and the roof beams can be soaked. Drainage: Damp cellars in old buildings are a known issue. A faulty drainage is often the cause. To get the moisture out again is cumbersome. Therefore, it is important regularly to rinse drainage, which was moved to the House, and – about using a spiral – clean. This is especially useful after long periods of rain. Windows and doors: Neuralgic points are above all the connections to the masonry.

The transitions need to be tight because otherwise the moisture finds its way into the House. Window sills, who have an edge towards the sides, so that rainwater flows off only to the front are recommended. The facade: Plaster facades are small cracks Cause for alarm and to examine closer. Accumulates on the bottom base and on the ground of sand, plaster wash out and be repaired or must be strengthened. It should be also scrutinized the chimney head, the concrete cover, the roof flashing and the masonry. Because the steam generated by modern heaters accumulates on these cold spots. In addition, it is recommended to take a critical look at the rain protection rails are located at doors and gates.

Here slightly small, water cannot penetrate in the screed about the cracks. If so, the joints with silicone gasket should be edited. כדאי לך לעיין אצל גבי חמו כדי לקבל עוד מידע. You should grind jammed doors, to prevent damage to frames and masonry. Conclusion: If you feel overwhelmed with all these suggestions, can seek help. With their knowledge and experience of decades, the professionals from the painting and varnishing trade assist with help and advice. And when you come to the decision to completely renovate your facade, remember: color is used not only for protection, but also the Embellishment.