The Shutter

'Flare' ttl to determine the value of the flash needed for normal exposure frame, in this case the measurement takes place during the exposure when the shutter is open, sensors in the camera measures the light reflected from the film and the signal is transmitted from the camera flash, at which she stops the momentum. tiff – file format images, ensuring preservation of the image without losing quality. This format allows you to store data without compression or compression can be used lzw, ensuring complete safety of the source data. Zoom (Zoom) – a device for changing the lens focal length, which allows the optical zoom in or zoom out the subject. With the help of Zoom convenient zoom and framing, the photographer at the same time can be Automatic exposure – shutter speed and aperture are set automatically, you can usually adjust them manually. White balance – a feature that allows you to compensate for color distortion caused by different sources lighting (sunlight, incandescent or fluorescent light).

Most digital cameras have auto white balance settings. When auto-tuning system for processing images adjusts the color sensitivity of the camera so that the final image had approximately the same levels of all the color components. Shoe (shoe) – a special device on the body of the camera to set the external outbreak. 'Hot' shoe (hot shoe), has sinhrokontakt to turn the flash on, thanks to which the flash fires at the same time with bayonet lock – from the French 'bayonet' – site of conjugation of the lens (lens) and housing / body (body) cell.