The House Clinic And The Clinic Of Humidity Cooperate

1-2-3: Berlin-Brandenburg is mould-free. BERLIN (02.02.2009) – the House-clinic and the humidity clinic have decided to combine your skills as of February 2009. Home owners, property managers and tenants in the Berlin-Brandenburg region will draw their benefit from the synergy effects. Because if experienced mould engineers are working together, it is the mould on the collar successfully. The humidity clinic is a trademark of Otto Richter GmbH, which specializes in 18 years on the diagnosis and removal of water damage and mold problems. Moisture causes mold, if one does nothing. The experts of humidity clinic to leak detection in addition to the commonly known blower-door process, the air tightness of buildings qualify with, examined other measuring devices, E.g. a floor microphone for the recording of typical sound waves for the acoustic leak detection, use the smoke procedure for leak detection on flat roofs and the electric pulse mode for flat roofs and parking decks and terraces. לחץ כאן רב שמואל אליהו ומצא עוד .

Tracer-gas method is a non-destructive type of leak detection to find the smallest leaks in pipelines. The Otto Richter GmbH specializes in addition core insulation of the double wall. By this construction are to find surprisingly many buildings in Berlin, the construction expert of the House can-confirm clinic. The dam professionals use also a foam process proven for many years, which has the advantage, in addition to the well-known loose-fill insulation that later changes, such as the installation of a further window, no insulation trickles through. The performance spectrum of hospital moisture include the drying of construction of and waterproofing. The House-clinic is a young project. Yet 25 years expertise in the building behind it.

Founder and proprietor is the engineering firm DIMGB, which operates the sites with information for builders for years, known from the Internet. A range of information has become with the Internet side mold, which specifically with the problem of the origins, combat and Prevention of mold concerns. The 10 golden rules against toxic mold"represent a valuable guidance for many. The House-clinic refers to the fact that mold constitutes one of the most common problems in the bedroom. Of the House's construction experts-clinic analyzes the causes of mold infestation and drawn up a restructuring plan. The focus on economic, effective and sustainable solutions is of deeper since the early of 1990s focusing on building in the stock and the modernization of old buildings. The House-clinic has a system to mold killing and the destruction of spores in the misting system that is completely safe for residents and treated apartment is again accessible after three hours after its application. In the remediation of mold infestation in homes, which recommends House-Kan only experienced, specialized and certified specialist companies from the region. On the website of the House-clinic the visitor finds a collection of rehabilitation services and information to the Certification. From the variety of systems to solve the problem the combination of wedge-shaped plate for an internal insulation with a ThermoShield has proven itself among others painting – a color against mold -, especially when pronounced thermal bridges and mold in the bedroom. The humidity clinic is known for the seminars, which are carried out in its modern customer centre. As of 2009, will house-support clinic in the field of construction physics to explain the correct handling of the room humidity, the application of dew point table or problems of waterproofing (balcony renovation, basement sealing). The seminars are aimed at owners and property managers and they are worth their price, namely.

Nike Golf Works With CoolMax With Wool… Barbour With A Thermolite

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