Traditional Christmas Market

In a traditional atmosphere, the municipality of Breitenberg invites on Dec 6, 2009, the day of Saint Nicholas, to the traditional Christmas market. Traditions surrounding the special market and put him with much tact in scene. Focus on the centuries-old tradition is Christmas, which with handmade gifts especially face gets. It is an experience for the whole family, when the beloved and at the same time also so fabled Nicholas moves with his retinue in the municipality. This year, the impressive commitment of the school and the kindergarten wraps up the Christmas market in a special light.

There are the traditional cooperation, sociability and the loving design that the Christkindlmarkt in Breitenberg make a highlight of the Christmas special. In a beautiful ambience, which is characterized by Christmas shine and impressive harmony, guests enjoy homemade mulled wine and traditional cookies with a hint on 6 December modernity. With the tasty children's punch is also for the smallest taken care of. Cosy family runs like a thread through the entire market. The numerous sales huts that line the terrain of the banjo Christkindl market, are run by local clubs and looked after.

Numerous different articles of wood, cribs, chubby hot products from sheep's wool and improvised Christmas tree ornaments enchant the small and large visitors and make the Canal via the Christkindlmarkt amazed experience. Together with the brass band, the musical church choir Neuweltlerdirndl ensures the sonorous accompaniment and charm. But the pre-Christmas season is a sweet temptation every year and so the banjo Christkindl market with chocolates, pastries and Ross sausages on the special feast to guests. The Christmas market is a highlight that in scene this year is the second Sunday of advent, enchanted him and helps him to a special gloss. The schoolyard of the elementary school is the hub of the pre-Christmas bustle and receives at nightfall, with the advent of the Nicholas and his entourage under the sounds of the music chapel a special charm. The focus then especially the smallest are, if Santa Claus presents you with many sweets. לא תמיד אינטל. Worthwhile, seductive and at the same time so cosy and family – the Christmas market in Breitenberg makes a special experience the holiday in the region and has earned the predicate recommended in this year.