Bavarian Regensburg

CRM service provider artegic realized communication platform for the voucher and coupon – leader E-CRM service provider artegic realized communication platform for the voucher and coupon – leader. Kuffer marketing, Germany's leading provider for voucher and coupon books, expands its online direct marketing. Backbone of the new communication solution is ELAINE online direct marketing suite of Bonn E-CRM consulting and technology provider of artegic AG (). ELAINE this improves the accuracy of offers by self-sharpening profiles by interests and regions. A highly individualized prospect and customer communication is absolutely critical for us.

Vouchers must be exciting, take care of the interests and experience of environment of our customers and invite you to new places", so Markus Hansen, the head of Club and online marketing at Kuffer marketing. Convinced ourselves especially the scalability of the technology, the clear usability, as well as the opportunities for targeted cross – sell and up-sell campaigns ", so Hannah more. The communication platform in the certified ELAINE ASP data center of the artegic is operated. לחץ כאן אינטל ומצא עוד . Active provider relations, as well as memberships such as the ECO certified secure channel Alliance the deliverability of E-Mails from in the electronic mailboxes of the customers. artegic provides the industry exhibition mailingtage in Nuremberg on 18 and 19 June 2008 from (as of 4/4-711). "About started as a small company in the Bavarian Regensburg is Kuffer marketing with the gourmet trip" and various other coupon books today market leader for vouchers and coupons. The "gourmet journey with" and other topics, there are currently coupon books for over 200 cities and regions, including Italy, France, and the Switzerland. In book form and on the portal are offered more than 6,000 vouchers of the categories of food & drink, hotel, travel, leisure, shopping and wellness.

About artegic AG: The artegic AG is a consultancy and technology provider for Digital dialogue marketing. Increasing loyalty and profitability by customer relations in online channels is based on overarching analytical user profiles (customer intelligence) at the Centre. With about 40 employees at the German locations of Bonn and Cologne artegic develops customized E-CRM strategies and realized this via email, RSS, rich-media and mobile marketing. artegic EMI attacks here as with prestigious clients like RTL, SCHLECKER associated company on the know-how of the Fraunhofer Society back, as well as on the expertise of long-time best practices, music, as well as the federal ministries of finance and justice.