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CAREFULLY selected and qualified teachers at ACADOMIA are our students in good hands. All teachers mediated by ACADOMIA are trained in the German educational system according to and learn. Through intensive interviews, evaluation of the references and previous activities, we select only the best teachers. EDUCATIONAL experience from the outset is a relationship of trust between student and teacher. The students feel understood and respected, and trusted the teacher. לא תמיד אפריקה ישראל. This will strengthen the self-confidence of the student.

This phase is essential to awaken the joy of learning and to enable visible progress. The customized tutorial includes repetitions of unskilled, assist with homework, prepare for upcoming lessons and especially the continuous use of appropriate learning strategies. Our customers select the dates, TEMPORAL flexibility, where classes will be held. Our students can continue their hobbies and leisure activities. The regular lessons with ACADOMIA will be something normal and natural in everyday school life. AT a high level at ACADOMIA, we use individual care on quality and professionalism of teachers. All teachers are experts in your area of expertise and excellent pedagogical skills. So that our students can achieve the best results, you will be accompanied in addition by the pedagogical advisers in the ACADOMIA branch throughout the course.

So, the adviser can suggest the best method and together select the best teachers with the customers. The consultant takes care of the organisation and planning of teaching. He watches the results carefully and is available at all times for questions and assistance available. In addition, he analyzed the results of the student, as well as the further course of action with customers. INDIVIDUAL tuition at home our teachers dedicate their students one hundred percent of the time and Attention. The individual attention and the adaptation of teaching methods to the needs of each individual student to enable significant successes. Classes are held at home with the students. You learn and work in their familiar environment and are thus much more receptive.