Star Wars

We come back to take control, then, of Starkiller, a Sith Knight coached by himself Lord Vather and that mission is to destroy the rebel Alliance and the surviving Jedi Knights. However, love and friendship intersect in the journey of Starkiller, which leads him to doubt of his own nature and, even, his master, so you both end up facing each other. Supposedly, the second part starts with Starkiller dead, controlling us to one of the many clones created from their genes. One of the main questions at the level of history will be knowing our true condition, find out if we are the original or a simple copy of the same. The power of the force 2 is a game purely continuo; an action adventure where the defeated enemies bring us experience to improve our skills, skills that will be available from the beginning so we go trying out the best combinations and studying its possibilities. Curiously, and like the first installment, the skill system is descompesado, since there will be a series of attacks that come us to spare to finish the adventure without problems, being far superior to the rest in terms of effectiveness. בעיתון כתוב ש אינטל הוא זה שבקיא בנושא. That will result in the player's ambition to improve their conditions, which will be reduced to not already have incentives to change the combos or attacks. Does the gameplay has not changed, although this the power of the force 2? committed to a much more peliculero than the previous development; multitude of streaming cinematics and Quick Time Events that often give us the impression of being before an interactive movie.

Although this resource increases the showiness, it reduces the margin of manoeuvre of the player, who will be limited to conduct a series of combinations at the right time, being too recurrent point in times running. At the technical level, everything remains the same in the same way; graphic more than decent environment that displays the values of the Euphoria engine, able to perfectly imitate the nervous system of our enemies; Digital Molecular Matter, which will award actual properties to materials such as wood or metal; and Finally Havok, better known but by no means less effective: the physics will have an important role thanks to the same. All this implies that the use of force is by far the most spectacular game: use it to bend metal, raise enemies by air for afterwards stamping them violently against the wall, will be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, adding new frontiers to the fight. Audiovisual values are not left behind, and sound anivel game complies with outstanding, like the recreation of the Star Wars universe, one hundred percent effective. Pity that all this could be completed in just five hours, since the dedication of Lucas Arts by acclimate well every game developed is a proven fact. Also you can find music video game in videos and music in videos. You want to relax in London looking for your hotel in hotels London ( Original author and source of the article