Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing

PHARMACIST DIGITAL concept and monitoring DIGITAL MARKETING pharmaceutical products must meet two strategic goals since its inception: the first must be based on therapeutic concepts that help meet health goals and the second will be a commercial purpose that can sustain its development in the pharmaceutical market ciberdiagnosta@hotmail. com) to conceptualize the significance of pharmaceutical Digital Marketing need to reassess the bases in which stands as a defined sector, which should be framed in specific principles of the sector, where the laboratories involved manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, importing and wholesale distributors, pharmacies, State institutions of health and finally patients. THE market pharmacist in countries of underdevelopment IVAN CARRASCO AKIYAMA creator of the concept CiberDiagnosta (ciberdiagnosta@hotmail. com) to various pharmaceutical in general on the basis of the underdeveloped countries market analysis carried out in conditions socio – political that they constantly paralyzed the economy for the pharmaceutical category creating empty commercial where the supply and demand do not show positive indicators for the achievement of the goals. Major pharmaceuticals constantly lose markets due to very low cost products, whose origin is doubtful and are handled via smuggling due to inadequate forms of border control. In this way the current economic crisis determines new rules of game for strategic products and overall consumption causing a negative impact in the pharmaceutical market, such as payment terms invoices of pharmacies laboratories suppliers, accumulating its obligations portfolio, because of constant low on sales. The types of disease prevalent in hospitals and clinics are by others known and determine a predictable classical clinical behaviour of general management of pharmaceutical products where medicine stumbles by the poor economy of the patients, for those who acquire pharmaceutical products of last generation is completely prohibitive. It should be noted that ethical pharmaceuticals (prescription and with defined trademark) suffer a significant decline despite constant attempts to be positioned since the influx of patients at both hospitals and private clinics clinics low constantly by significant percentages. .