Nike Golf Works With CoolMax With Wool… Barbour With A Thermolite

Nike Golf is CoolMax with wool in the new spring/summer ' 09 collection before. Barbour micro insulation selects Waddings out of Thermolte for his jacket collection. ADVANSA, the largest polyester producer in Europe, offers a new concept for functional clothing CoolMax wool. ADVANSA has developed special fibers that can be mixed with wool. The fabrics combine the heat capacity and the natural feel of wool with the temperature-regulating properties of Coolmax, keep the wearer dry, and provide a high wearing comfort.

The combination of CoolMax wool allows new and extraordinary products: Flachgestricke, such as golf sweater, allowing the moisture to evaporate quickly, keep dry and warm the carrier and offer comfort, so that he can focus dedicate his actual duties. Nike Golf is CoolMax with wool in the new spring/summer ' 09 collection before. You very easy and soft CoolMax fabrics with natural Wool is machine washable and quick drying. Woven fabrics made of CoolMax wool can be viewed in the collections of Becker Fabrics, Bosser, Hijos Rafael Diaz, Roudiere and Yunsa. Worsted yarns offered Stohr. Textiles made of CoolMax are unique high-tech products from specially designed fibers throughout the day dry and comfortable holding the carrier and thereby ensure a permanent and maximum evaporative cooling. The fabrics are made of special polyester fibers with enlarged surface of ADVANSA. This characteristic 4 – or 6-channel fibers form a transport system that transports moisture away from the skin to the fabric surface and there ensures a fast evaporation.

The temperature of the body remains balanced and cooling off is avoided. Barbour chooses Waddings from Thermolte his jacket collection micro insulation Barbour, British manufacturer of country clothing in the lifestyle of rural regions, has his latest Thermolite jacket collection Micro insulation attached. Thermolite micro insulation provides an exceptional thermal capacity, is it very light and soft and can compress very well, without to clump together. The combination of functional insulation with the balanced performance offers the user an optimal comfort. Manufacturer for the isolation waddings is PEG from France. Coolmax and Thermolite are registered trademarks of Invista under exclusive license from ADVANSA Andreas Knorr!We: communication and Unternehmensberatung GmbH, Hamburg