Network Marketing

Every employer who decides to start a new business, whether it's a traditional or in the area of Network Marketing, is mandatory to start a list of prospects or future customers. The most effective way to get referrals is by people close to you. Persons who are within your list of acquaintances, will be more willing to help you either becoming clients, participate in your business or refer you prospects. People usually known among about 100-150 people or more. One of the ways to develop this primary list is dividing it by categories. Family. Parents, uncles, cousins, nephews, grandparents, etc.

I started practicing the presentation of my business plan with my family. They will be more willing in edify you and suggest changes to your presentation. Friends. Create your list on the basis of those who you've known since school up to University, co-workers, neighbors. Practice with them presenting the plan online, product demonstrations or any new strategy want to try.

People they love to say, find those who really have some level of experience in business or the area that they incur. School & sports activities. Teachers, instructors of sports that you can be practicing. Association of parents of the school of your children, the fitness instructors. Instructor of dance? Professionals. Lawyers, dentists, doctors, bankers, seller of insurance, engineers, artists, graphics, developer, etc. Casual contact. These are all those which you connect when you do your shopping, you go to a restaurant, waiting in line at an airport or in the Bank, that you know your bus route or a plane. Frequent contacts. Those who usually offer you a service regularly. Stylists of hair, a bank teller, dependent of a pharmacy or convenience, a waiter (a), electric store, Manicurist, daycare manager, chiropractor, florist. It is important to highlight that scientifically proven that the vast majority of your leaders that entering your Network Marketing concept will come from the list of those you vaguely know. According to Granovetter, your prospects will come outside your circle of friends for the same reason you know what you do. They are those with whom you keep a relationship very vague that you have the best chance of making your list. Contacts that you do not keep a frequent relationship, as former schoolmates, former co-workers who were not a close circle, etc. People like them to join a business concept with people who already have some knowledge of them. When you can offer them solutions to their personal situations, you'll be creating a loop that will allow you to build a relationship to offer your business or service in a future opportunity. With regard to your friends and family, not treat them as simple leaflets, go straight to the point and do not use sales strategies, as shipments of websites, catalogues without preventing them and participate them your business opportunity. When the list of known prospects is amenguando, it is vital you study about the strategies that exist for keep your list of prospects on the rise. Visit:. giopereyra.