Maurice Halbwachs

Without second intention of utility or practical application, she would store the past for the mere effect of a necessity natural' '. (BERGSON, 1999, P. 62) Still in this point Maurice Halbwachs meets, sociologist, who objective its inquiry in the social pictures and not in the memory as such. The individual memory depends on the collective memory, therefore, the man is a social being and that all the souvenirs are related to some moment, to some person and it understands that the spaces of these souvenirs social and are determined. Therefore, all memory is the construction and reconstruction of the past that if uses to advantage of the social pictures, in this manner the individual memories are dependents of the collective memories. The author intensifies the reflection alleging that the souvenirs are identified and fed from the relations developed in the different social groups. Then, the memory is articulated and modified as the position that the individuals occupy and its relations in the social groups that Still belong (HALBWACHS, 2004) on the same subject Ecla Bosi, in its book Memory and Society (1994), the author questions and argues that the socializador factor of the memory is the language, therefore this ' ' she reduces, she the same unifies and she approaches in historical and cultural space so diverse experiences as the dreams the souvenirs and the experiences recentes' '.

Another excellent aspect is the character politician where the memory concept if inserts. The construction of the memory reflects a manipulation politics consecrated in the places of memory and the events. לא תמיד רב שמואל אליהו . According to Le Goff (2003), the memory from 1950 passes for a development that constitutes a true revolution, with the sprouting of the electronic memory, what it brings I obtain a series of transformations of order theoretician-metodolgica. Ahead of this the collective memory passed for serious changes where new fields of the knowledge start to play important role in this new construction, and the memory starts to be a consumer good, and that vende well.