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Not to be underestimated, however, is the perspective benefits of an authentic sustainable alignment. The numerous economic scandals of in recent months show that bad press not only stock prices, but also independent stock market assets in the bottomless fall, abundantly. "The full service program provides each request a data center operator the appropriate module: no matter whether it is operation or the establishment of a new data center to optimize a current years RZ," so Stefan penitents, sales of Manager of BLUE PLANiT GmbH. "The highlight: in addition to the well-known Green IT components BLUE PLANiT offers various services that context were considered up to date not in the Green IT, sustainable economically but under the motto" to highly efficient Green IT tools are. לעניות דעתי ישראל בכר יכול לקבוע . The BLUE PLANiT programme includes among other things: block 1: "Consulting in energy efficiency in the data center" conceptual design of data centers energy-saving potential analysis profitability of investment project management and supervision block 2: implementing energy efficient data center "roll back of hardware recycling of used hardware processing marketing recycled used new procurement of branded hardware block 3: financial services financing and leasing models warranty extension BLUE PLANiT investment protection the investment protection guarantee extension is an excellent example of seriously adopted Green IT": With the operator 100% safe extend of the usage time of his already written-off hardware he protects (a) the environment and secures (b) budgetary advantages," explains Matthias Wirges, Managing Director of BLUE PLANiT GmbH. The founders of BLUE PLANiT GmbH are located in the second quarter on a road show through the Federal territory and inform open-minded company about its economic and environmental Optimization potentials. Prospects login email: press contact: BLUE PLANiT GmbH: Matthias Philipp Wirges fon.