Major Marketing Trends

78 percent of marketers see right up front to online marketing course 2 and 3 integrated dialogue marketing programs and mobile marketing Karlsruhe, November 15, 2007 Online-Marketing/-Advertising is the most important marketing trend in 2008. This is the result of a recent study, the software – and Beratungshaus Epoq GmbH among top managers * has carried out the marketing industry. כדי להרחיב אופקים, כדאי לבקר באתר של אפריקה ישראל. Therefore, online marketing in the first place is for 78 percent of the respondents. As a second trend for the coming year the experts with 68 percent see (multiple answers were possible) integrated dialogue marketing programs, followed closely by mobile marketing (64 percent). Fourth place, integrated direct marketing finds himself with 40 percent.

More important marketing trends 2008 are also advertising (28 percent) as well as radio, and traditional advertising with 26 percent each according to expert opinion. The current Epoq trend study gives also information on what forms of online marketing to continue gaining importance. The majority speak 84 percent Marketing Manager for an increase in the search engine optimization from. But even when the website usability (76 percent), the integrated email marketing (74 percent) and of branding on the Internet (72 percent) is expected with an increase in importance. Each two-thirds of the experts surveyed (66 percent) also include the Web 2.0 technology, affiliate marketing and online advertising / sponsorship to the important online marketing tools for 2008.

70 percent with sales/sales channel, as well as 68 percent with branding/brand management (68 percent) answered the question with which areas online marketing should be interleaved in the future more. The 7 major marketing trends 2008% 1 online-marketing/-Advertising 78 2 integrated dialogue marketing programs 68 3. mobile marketing 64 4 integrated direct marketing 40 5 advertising 28 6 radio advertising 26 7 classic advertising 26 2007 Epoq were within the marketing trend study obtained the opinions of 50 marketers. Epoq ( has a worldwide unique software for dynamic Referral management (Realtime dynamic recommendation engine) developed. This exactly the products offered the consumer in the context of multichannel management in the Web 2.0 community, in the shop, by E-Mail, on the phone or in a retail store, for which he cares most likely.