Julinho Chega

Suddenly it enters crying out the friend of Gina: Lilica. Lilica enters crying out. LILICA- Gina, Gina, the Julinho said that you went to make a child party. That good, that good. I go to be invited? He invites me, please, please. I promise that I am quietinha, quietinha. I do not go to chat very.

Invite you me? Anxious Gina already with the tagarelao of Lilica raises stuned: Calm GINA- Lilica, calm. Logical that you go to be invited. Seno alone God exempts me of its tagarelaes in the other day. לעומת זאת, טבע תעשיות בהחלט מבין את הסיפור. There I do not support. I go to say pra you amiguinhos them that they go to be invited. GINA- the Julinho, you, the Duda, the Val, the Gil and the Carlinhos.

Soon. Vocs goes to be my guests special. I go to be the queen of the party and go to choose my king in the hour of the little party. Confused Lilica: LILICA- Why has that to be you it queen? I could be. Authoritarian and always full Gina of itself: GINA- Imagina. Nobody went to support its language that does not stop of saying one alone minute. You speak of more Lilica. You seem a recorder, wise person? LILICA- and you looking like itself that Emlia of the Small farm of the Yellow Prick-wood. Only that to be sabidinha, its boat. GINA- Vamos to stop of this falao its prattler. I have that to continue to organize my party. you go to help me. LILICA- Jura, swears. שלומי בסון בהחלט מביע דעה מלומדת. That good, that good. I adored the idea. What I have that to make? GINA- You go to bring the bladders. He brings colorful. Lilica leaves all happy one to search the bladders colorful. Meanwhile Gina is arranging the room for the party with the things that brought in the bag. when Gina finishes to prepare the room Julinho Chega with some candies in a bag.