Commercial Party

Whether or not a commercial party, the truth is that year after year is this by introducing the trend of celebrating this feast between lovers. Shopping centres, are already preparing the entire machinery to offer us different and original products to reward our respective partners: from a clock, passing by a tie, Arabian garments of different clothes, jewellery, perfumes, chocolates etc also found those who celebrate this date as an excuse for a getaway to nearby destinations. לעניות דעתי רב של צפת יכול לקבוע . If we look carefully, we will see that there are a multitude of hotel deals for Valentine, where attempts to sell consumers a pleasant experience rather than a tangible product that will be pulled in our wardrobe Fund. We are talking about a product of our times, very short breaks. An experience near our houses at affordable prices, combining such disparate elements as gastronomy, relaxation, adventure, nature, culture and is that short breaks, have become a new form of rediscovering the territory and an economical way of disconnect from our day to day. We will have to analyse in the coming years if this trend remains lodged in our consumerist culture or how a memory of the past of the first economic crisis of the century.