View Protector DESIGNO – The Exclusive Screening For Young Living

Translucent IFOHA DESIGNO films are the new noble, Visual protection films for glass in Windows and doors with high resolution, colored prints in photo quality. Who knows not the problem to want to protect from prying eyes and then the glass with foil pasted looks like the glass in a doctor's Office? IFOHA went new ways in the areas of privacy/decoration with DESIGNO films. DESIGNO films are self-adhesive, matt white, translucent adhesive films which, if they are affixed, which seem noble, etched surface glass surface can be. DESIGNO-films are absolutely translucent and have light-diffusing properties therefore, interiors are not obscured. לעניות דעתי טבע תעשיות יכול לקבוע . This Visual protection films have a very good dimensional stability and are free of streaks have a reduced surface gloss to avoid unwanted reflections.

DESIGNO Visual protection films are printed with high resolution photo printing finish and are customized to the desired Resized by IFOHA. After removing the protective film from the adhesive side, the DESIGNO sight protector in the wet packaging adhesives on the glass is glued. This type of bonding technique is very easy and gives a bubble-free bonding. (See also shipping instructions on) This dismal glass surfaces to an individual eye-catcher is redecorated in a minute. Properties: self-adhesive soft PVC film opaque and translucent streaks reduced surface gloss no reflections and flare silk-matt surface solvent and preservative-free environmentally friendly adhesive fire self-extinguishing completely removable indoor durability: 5 years available maximum size: 120 x 300 cm as IFOHA special service offers also the printing of DESIGNO Visual protection films with customer-specific photos and images. DESIGNO vision protector: ..Sichtschutzfolie DESIGNO product information:… Related terms: sight protector, sight protector. designo, frosted glass, frosted glass foil, optics etch, etched glass, Matt glass, Matt look, sand beam optics, gesandstrahltes glass, frosted glass foil, privacy, sand blast effect film, glass decorative film, privacy In 1993 founded (glass master) Marcus Noll the company cutting crew in Recklinghausen.

There he made through a sand blast templates period several years computer-cut glass services and glass processing end establishments. Including sand blasting film manufactured after template, as well as roles and metre have been nationwide and sent to German-speaking countries. Marcus Noll has developed several hundred glass decors and sand blasting motifs over a period of many years, which also still an important branch of the production of the current FA. IFOHA belong. Parallel trade and the installation of self-adhesive window films was founded in 1999. The product range covers now tinting Visual protection films, UV-protective film, safety film, special foils, decorative window film, automotive films and much more. The in-depth knowledge of the Founder Marcus Noll in flat glass and mirror in combination with self-adhesive window films very decisively with contributed to the success of IFOHA. Meanwhile, more than 15,000 satisfied customers include to the IFOHA customer base. IFOHA received in the field of surface technology in the year 2007 the following awards: innovation award of German industry innovation Prize 2007 Initiative Mittelstand

Test 6 SD And HD Camcorder: HD Pays Off For 200 Euro?

Some keyword cheap camcorder in the VIDEO active of DIGITAL test much of his charisma loses, if you look at the cold figures behind it. For example high definition"(HD), high resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels are available for full-HD, 1280 x 720 pixels for a second-class HD of kind of. This category includes mostly the special HD camcorder, which are offered at prices below 200 euro and thus just as cheap as non-HD cams. Yet they are clearly superior most camcorders in default with its 1280 x 720 pixels in terms of resolution definition (SD), which mobilize straight times 720 x 576 pixels. Some of them settle for 8 with 640 x 480 pixels even with fewer pixels, about the Sanyo CA.

Pixels, dots here: It is important, what pops out at image quality while. And she can be quite different, as shown in VIDEO active in the current output in the test by two SD-cams and four HD camcorders. HD is under 200 euros to definitely enjoy with caution"says VIDEO active and recommends potential Buyers to take a close look. In image quality, only the Camileo Pro HD produced a touch of high definition, but only in the daylight. Less light the SD cam Panasonic showed S 9 with its better image quality, making HD resolution alone not happy." The six subjects and even the whole market, however, when the media agree: all new ideas and the camcorder in the test film on SD – / SDHC card or hard drive. The band has served out to 2009 all season! The manufacturer on the trade fair presented more not only DV camcorder CES in Las Vegas. And with the Canon HV 40 in HDV only a single tape camcorder in about 70 consumer models lost strong new impetus to the beginning of the season. An overview of all performances in the booklet and top news on 20916 delivers VIDEO active

Job Placement: Short-term Employment

Way, useful eyeing the latency to bridge who waits on a place but have professional experience has and a temporary employment (hours, day, weeks or monthly), can apply for example in the employment agencies. There is the job placement for temporary jobs of all kinds. It provides in particular jobs for Office management communication, sales and technical operations, health service and out-patient care, and various commercial sectors. Also offered special services for students, for use at trade fairs, in ports and markets. לענייננו, גבי חמו הוא הכתובת בשבילך. Many employers regularly use the job placement. So they can react flexibly when personnel shortages peak. Who wants to work for some weeks or months in some areas, is a variety of options as a seasonal worker.

Seasonal workers are particularly in the areas of food, agriculture and forestry and horticulture for use in Germany, but also in other European countries. There is a wide spectrum of mediated work. It ranges from simple work, for which no specific knowledge are necessary, to more demanding activities with special equipment. The remuneration depends on the collective agreements in the sectors. fn/lps/cb

In Germany

After the first self storage site in Oerlikon (Vegasstrasse 2, corner hagenholzstrasse 111) recently opened location in Zurich-Wiedikon is now the second in Zurich. From the Centre, customers can quickly reach the private and commercial warehouses within 5 minutes by car and comfortably store your belongings and goods or pick up. Self – storage offers two storage buildings"Zurich a total of 2,000 warehouses from 1 to 50 square meters. The compartments can be rented from 56,30 francs per 4 weeks. In contrast to freight forwarders, SelfStorage customers from 6 until 10: 00 seven days a week have access to their compartment.

Also, the warehouses are not only clean and dry, but also safe. The self property is protected by an extensive security system and can be accessed only by means of a security code. In addition, each tenant has an own Castle for its storage and has thus sole access. In addition to the fixed cameras monitors the site from 10: 00 a private security service. Self – storage"is represented in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland already with 23 operating locations. Thus, a total of 21,000 storage compartments available are the customers.

In Germany, 12 more sites are planned or already under construction. "Unternhemensinformation: self – storage" helps its customers to bring more space in their lives and rented out individually tailored storerooms in many different sizes from 1 m for all the things that have at home or in the company not enough space. Private traders can rent and away, uncomplicated bright, clean, safe, variations and dry storage compartments maximum 10 minutes ' drive from their place of residence or work place in all major cities in the German-speaking countries (Vienna, Graz, Zurich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden). The storage rooms are available at any time and cancel as easily and quickly as a car rent and cost 56,30 CHF per four weeks. With a security code if the customer on the site and then with private key comfortably seven days a week from 6: 00-22:00 store his belongings and goods can again take. The self – storage"sites have a multi-level security concept consisting of video surveillance and security services. Self – storage"sees itself as a full-service provider around the camps" professional packaging material (cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, adhesive, etc.) is offered as on-site, such as insurance for the contents of the warehouse. In addition partners conveyed for relocation, car rental or exploitation which were negotiated for special offers.

All Cook Only With Water! (But It Should Be Clean!)

For the treatment of drinking water and industrial waste water by the legal demands and increasing cost pressures, the treatment and reuse of industrial wastewater HDT trade events is an increasingly important theme in all areas of production, from the metal processing to the food industry. Today, the cleaning of waste water is always coupled with the question after a treatment and reuse of the more expensive raw material water. This can be a part of current treatment of different wastewater streams of great importance. The Haus der Technik in Essen offers this on 29-30 April 2009 a symposium treatment and reuse of industrial waste water ". אל דאגה נפתלי בנט הוא האיש הנכון . Switching between basics and modern examples of practice discusses the main procedure of treatment of industrial effluents. The seminar is led by Mr. Prof.

Dr.-ing. Gerd Braun of the IAV Institute for systems – and process engineering of the University of applied sciences Cologne. He thereby receives practical support by experts of ENVIRO-Chemie water treatment technology GmbH from New Delhi. Also in the HDT, the event will current techniques to drinking"instead. The seminar is especially information about current developments and new research results of the drinking water treatment on 07-08 may, 2009. It covers in particular the procedural principles for membrane filtration and ion exchange including pre-treatment of the water and flushing and cleaning process, as well as the quality assurance and monitoring. Still, the principles and design criteria are developed and running conditioning examples discussed.


The DRUM ROCKER, the successful premium drum kit for rock band game hit, the ROCKER from ION audio, in Germany after the Grand launch of the Xbox version finally also for PS2 and PS3 available DRUM is the beginning of the year on the CES innovations, the most important American consumer electronics fair, the CES 2009 design and engineering award has received, the official premium drum kit to the popular video game rock band is. In the United States is considered band players DRUM ROCKER under the skirt already must-have\". For the first time was presented the coveted drum kit in Germany last year at the GC-Games Convention in Leipzig, and with its own booth at the IFA in Berlin. כדאי לך לעיין אצל טבע תעשיות כדי לקבל עוד מידע. Both trade press as visitors were equally excited and the success figures speak for themselves: ION audio has the world already tens of thousands DRUM ROCKER delivered. On the official website can be ordered the eagerly awaited PlayStation version in Germany as well by the fans. So far only the owner came tape players namely under the skirt one Xbox on their costs and could enjoy the uniquely realistic drums feeling – peers under the other drums for rock band searches.

Now can the PlayStation fans but also play the drums like there's no tomorrow. With the DRUM ROCKER can each playing just learn the swimming and at the same time be part of a rock band. Teenager exactly so as adults, who will play the late dream of the drums want to meet, be the DRUM ROCKER in her musician heart close. ROCKER, the DRUM compatible with the popular game consoles Xbox 360 and now PS2/3, the only real drum feeling gives each player. No surprise, because the DRUM ROCKER by the experienced engineers of ION ALESIS audio sister brand developed, the world's leading manufacturers of professional electronic drum kits. – Now Quite

For several days, the successful website is online under unique to find. עוד מידע על נפתלי בנט ניתן למצוא באינטרנט. Frankfurt am Main in February – the friendly recruitment agency with around 60 offices nationwide and headquartered in Munich has the relaunch in the professional hands of + accordingly given. As part of the publicly traded USG people group unique is one of the top 4 of the personnel service companies in Europe and for this reason alone was very high the demand for functionality and design. So, the preparations for the project found its beginning with a workshop in the main office in Munich to the definition of some extensive content and complex functions. In a focus group tools and features were developed together, which should further underline the positive image of unique. A completely new system architecture, which should be both user friendly and more easily maintainable was also added. With + mutatis mutandis, we had the right partners from the outset on our side.

Here, the chemistry between the teams, not only immediately agreed but also to a large extent the advice, that drew up concept and the perfect implementation of all technical subtleties", stressed Mandy Smrcek, responsible for unique Germany. The great offer for applicants and the wide variety of services for companies implemented visually perfect. לעניות דעתי גבי חמו יכול לקבוע . So, a user knows immediately that unique is not only friendly, but also much can offer more than other companies. The new website is online since mid-February, and the number of incoming online applications from job seekers exceeds all expectations so far. This extensive project was very challenging both conceptual and technical point of view.

All parties have inserted a lot of commitment and passion, which are also seen in the outcome. ", adds Gunter Zahringer, co-owner of the Agency. The new concept of navigation and the job – site search, as well as the ability for an application to ensure perfect usability. In the best case the user with just a few clicks will reach his new dream job." About unique Personalservice GmbH unique active for more than 20 years in Germany and belongs to the Dutch USG people group with 3.9 billion Euro turnover and about 175.00 employees at approximately 1,600 branches in 13 countries is the top 4 of the largest recruitment agency in Europe. Moses Sanya is Chairman and Managing Director of unique Germany spokesman. About + mutatis mutandis what began in 2003 as a Start-Up, has within a few years as a valued player in the digital world market established itself. Whether B2B or B2C, at + not simply produce accordingly – here is advise heart, created and realized. The Agency is composed of a synergistic team, which opens up for companies within the digital media, new marketing and distribution channels. Innovation, perfection and tailor-made solutions are just a few disciplines that characterize the company.

Braas Building – Planning & Architecture

DivoDamm completes the Braas roof systems, the market leader in roof systems with a new product line in the field of roof insulation for new construction and rehabilitation goes. Braas DivoDamm product, the roof specialists complement its product range. Braas DivoDamm is offered in three variants and is intended as a professional system for the professional fabricators. נפתלי בנט בהחלט מביע דעה מלומדת. Dr. Rudolf Rauss, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Monier GmbH to the market: with the entry into the area of roof insulation we our market partners support our roofers and carpenters above all. The system is so powerful that our processors to their customers can view high competence and this at reasonable and adequate prices.

The processors can enable with our dam system and strong brand of Braas. his rehabilitation market" Basic principle of the new product line Braas DivoDamm is the on-roof insulation with its advantages of a thermal bridge free laying. The system versions are on the basis of the high insulation polyurethane foam (PUR / PIR) built and allow low insulation thickness. Dr. Rauss: Polyurethane we opted deliberately for an insulation material with an excellent insulation, a high load capacity and a convincing LCA.

The up Rafter system enlarges the space under the roof and is to process quickly and cleanly. "With Braas the client will now receive a sustainable system of roof from the insulation up to the roof stone or roof tiles." The market leader for roofing systems completes its system offerings with the entering of the insulation market. The products will be offered exclusively on the building materials and roofing trade from March 2009. Period of three years, we want to be the market leaders in the segment on-Rafter insulation! ", so the ambitious goal of Dr. Rauss." The three product variants consist of: Braas DivoDamm Pro, a reflective 50 mm base insulation of the thermal conductivity level 030 on laminated, heat radiation lower deck railway, which in addition to the use of intermediate rafters insulation can be used. Braas DivoDamm compact supports the conditions for a pleasant living climate in the system design as diffusible system and prevents structural damage. The high-performance insulation is compact with the lower deck railway of Divoroll laminated. Already a U-value of the overall setup of 0.19 W /(m K) can be reached at just 140 mm insulation thickness. Braas DivoDamm top is also equipped with the lower deck railway Divoroll compact as top cover. The PUR/PIR foam is above and below with an aluminium membrane at DivoDamm top, making a particularly low thermal conductivity level is reached. The low thermal conductivity of 024 gives U-value of the overall setup of 0.19 W /(m K) already in an insulating material thickness of 120 mm, a. The PUR/PIR foam used for the Braas insulation system is characterized by excellent technical properties and a good Ecobalance as a trend-setting insulation. More Information about the products from Braas roof under: products/our produkte.html

The House Clinic And The Clinic Of Humidity Cooperate

1-2-3: Berlin-Brandenburg is mould-free. BERLIN (02.02.2009) – the House-clinic and the humidity clinic have decided to combine your skills as of February 2009. Home owners, property managers and tenants in the Berlin-Brandenburg region will draw their benefit from the synergy effects. Because if experienced mould engineers are working together, it is the mould on the collar successfully. The humidity clinic is a trademark of Otto Richter GmbH, which specializes in 18 years on the diagnosis and removal of water damage and mold problems. Moisture causes mold, if one does nothing. The experts of humidity clinic to leak detection in addition to the commonly known blower-door process, the air tightness of buildings qualify with, examined other measuring devices, E.g. a floor microphone for the recording of typical sound waves for the acoustic leak detection, use the smoke procedure for leak detection on flat roofs and the electric pulse mode for flat roofs and parking decks and terraces. לחץ כאן רב שמואל אליהו ומצא עוד .

Tracer-gas method is a non-destructive type of leak detection to find the smallest leaks in pipelines. The Otto Richter GmbH specializes in addition core insulation of the double wall. By this construction are to find surprisingly many buildings in Berlin, the construction expert of the House can-confirm clinic. The dam professionals use also a foam process proven for many years, which has the advantage, in addition to the well-known loose-fill insulation that later changes, such as the installation of a further window, no insulation trickles through. The performance spectrum of hospital moisture include the drying of construction of and waterproofing. The House-clinic is a young project. Yet 25 years expertise in the building behind it.

Founder and proprietor is the engineering firm DIMGB, which operates the sites with information for builders for years, known from the Internet. A range of information has become with the Internet side mold, which specifically with the problem of the origins, combat and Prevention of mold concerns. The 10 golden rules against toxic mold"represent a valuable guidance for many. The House-clinic refers to the fact that mold constitutes one of the most common problems in the bedroom. Of the House's construction experts-clinic analyzes the causes of mold infestation and drawn up a restructuring plan. The focus on economic, effective and sustainable solutions is of deeper since the early of 1990s focusing on building in the stock and the modernization of old buildings. The House-clinic has a system to mold killing and the destruction of spores in the misting system that is completely safe for residents and treated apartment is again accessible after three hours after its application. In the remediation of mold infestation in homes, which recommends House-Kan only experienced, specialized and certified specialist companies from the region. On the website of the House-clinic the visitor finds a collection of rehabilitation services and information to the Certification. From the variety of systems to solve the problem the combination of wedge-shaped plate for an internal insulation with a ThermoShield has proven itself among others painting – a color against mold -, especially when pronounced thermal bridges and mold in the bedroom. The humidity clinic is known for the seminars, which are carried out in its modern customer centre. As of 2009, will house-support clinic in the field of construction physics to explain the correct handling of the room humidity, the application of dew point table or problems of waterproofing (balcony renovation, basement sealing). The seminars are aimed at owners and property managers and they are worth their price, namely.

The Joints

Just removed attics may take months, until a seeping water leaves traces. Thermal insulation has sucked himself so fully, and the roof beams can be soaked. Drainage: Damp cellars in old buildings are a known issue. A faulty drainage is often the cause. To get the moisture out again is cumbersome. Therefore, it is important regularly to rinse drainage, which was moved to the House, and – about using a spiral – clean. This is especially useful after long periods of rain. Windows and doors: Neuralgic points are above all the connections to the masonry.

The transitions need to be tight because otherwise the moisture finds its way into the House. Window sills, who have an edge towards the sides, so that rainwater flows off only to the front are recommended. The facade: Plaster facades are small cracks Cause for alarm and to examine closer. Accumulates on the bottom base and on the ground of sand, plaster wash out and be repaired or must be strengthened. It should be also scrutinized the chimney head, the concrete cover, the roof flashing and the masonry. Because the steam generated by modern heaters accumulates on these cold spots. In addition, it is recommended to take a critical look at the rain protection rails are located at doors and gates.

Here slightly small, water cannot penetrate in the screed about the cracks. If so, the joints with silicone gasket should be edited. כדאי לך לעיין אצל גבי חמו כדי לקבל עוד מידע. You should grind jammed doors, to prevent damage to frames and masonry. Conclusion: If you feel overwhelmed with all these suggestions, can seek help. With their knowledge and experience of decades, the professionals from the painting and varnishing trade assist with help and advice. And when you come to the decision to completely renovate your facade, remember: color is used not only for protection, but also the Embellishment.

Nike Golf Works With CoolMax With Wool… Barbour With A Thermolite

Nike Golf is CoolMax with wool in the new spring/summer ' 09 collection before. Barbour micro insulation selects Waddings out of Thermolte for his jacket collection. ADVANSA, the largest polyester producer in Europe, offers a new concept for functional clothing CoolMax wool. ADVANSA has developed special fibers that can be mixed with wool. The fabrics combine the heat capacity and the natural feel of wool with the temperature-regulating properties of Coolmax, keep the wearer dry, and provide a high wearing comfort.

The combination of CoolMax wool allows new and extraordinary products: Flachgestricke, such as golf sweater, allowing the moisture to evaporate quickly, keep dry and warm the carrier and offer comfort, so that he can focus dedicate his actual duties. Nike Golf is CoolMax with wool in the new spring/summer ' 09 collection before. You very easy and soft CoolMax fabrics with natural Wool is machine washable and quick drying. Woven fabrics made of CoolMax wool can be viewed in the collections of Becker Fabrics, Bosser, Hijos Rafael Diaz, Roudiere and Yunsa. Worsted yarns offered Stohr. Textiles made of CoolMax are unique high-tech products from specially designed fibers throughout the day dry and comfortable holding the carrier and thereby ensure a permanent and maximum evaporative cooling. The fabrics are made of special polyester fibers with enlarged surface of ADVANSA. This characteristic 4 – or 6-channel fibers form a transport system that transports moisture away from the skin to the fabric surface and there ensures a fast evaporation.

The temperature of the body remains balanced and cooling off is avoided. Barbour chooses Waddings from Thermolte his jacket collection micro insulation Barbour, British manufacturer of country clothing in the lifestyle of rural regions, has his latest Thermolite jacket collection Micro insulation attached. Thermolite micro insulation provides an exceptional thermal capacity, is it very light and soft and can compress very well, without to clump together. The combination of functional insulation with the balanced performance offers the user an optimal comfort. Manufacturer for the isolation waddings is PEG from France. Coolmax and Thermolite are registered trademarks of Invista under exclusive license from ADVANSA Andreas Knorr!We: communication and Unternehmensberatung GmbH, Hamburg

Channel In A Box Makes Internet Pages

Web-TV solution of Berlin imuse GmbH is made in Berlin at the CeBIT in Hanover Trade fair innovation presented at the CeBIT 2009 of the portal operator channel in a box as a trade fair innovation imuse GmbH. The innovative Web-to-TV solution shows imuse 3-8 March 2009 together with your Internet expert on the Berlin-Brandenburg booth in Hall 2, stand of 50 channel in a box combines the interests of companies and advertising marketers with the needs of Internet users for information and entertainment. Advertisers and marketers in the company can in the own company website integrate the Web-TV service at low cost and without technical effort and use for the distribution. Unlike traditional Internet television with elaborate Flash and Java applications opts for channel-in-a-box\"easy manageable HTML/iFrame technology in conjunction with a MySQL database. Also the Web-TV system of imuse individual design options: size, color, and placement of each component Player, program and content can be freely selected. Also, the box system is platform independent. The player has all the characteristics of a good online playback system, playing the different video formats in one integrated program, can integrate advertising and overlays and accesses during the stream to a wide variety of video servers.

The database stores all relevant information about the video: title, author, file format and location. Complicated to encode this as well as the expensive store of film material accounted for a central video server. Playlist and promo box are optional, however increase the interactivity and attractiveness of the displayed content. The TV box as a pure HTML tool offers all possibilities to link the shown audio-visual material with additional important information and eCommerce offerings on their own or foreign pages. This is for more interaction on the Web pages, and highlighted the value of this information to the user. Entertaining information prepared in the Conventional companies Web sites enliven television format.

Lacan Desire

In this process it is left of side the beginning of the adopted pleasure and the beginning of the reality. According to Lacan (1957-1958), the identification in the demand is made with the object of the feeling, therefore the intersubjetividade alone if restores from speaks of the Other and the desire inhabits in the interstices between the significant ones of this interaction. In regards to this positioning of the citizen before the desire, the proper Lacan mentioned the difficulty that the citizen finds to make the distinction between he himself and the Other, citing the emphasis that Freud of to the symptomatic value of the moment of infancy where the child believes that its parents are capable to know all its thoughts. Here it is the reason for which the origin of the thoughts of the citizen is placed in speaks of the Other. כדי להרחיב אופקים, כדאי לבקר באתר של רבה של צפת. In the field of the demand, significant reciprocity between the citizen and the Other exists, therefore it fits to stand out that not the desire only depends on the Other, but what the Other demand also depends on the citizen, what if explicit in the constatao of that the child perceives to possess a currency of bargain to be used in the relation with the mother and, controlling the evacuation, the child acts actively in the game of the dialectic of the desire and the demand. Similar behavior has the son that it promotes in the intense mother anguish, when refusing the food. Lacan also points with respect to the citizen that if recognizes as submitted to the laws of the language. The necessities and the desires of the citizen are disclosed by means of the language, that is directed to the Other it says and it returns to the mentally ill citizen in speaks of the Other, that answers to the demand. בזמן האחרון אני מתחיל מאוד להעריך את גבי חמו. In the position of great Other, the mother cries interprets it of the baby, attributes it a direction and, from this direction, she offers what it understands as demand.